PanoramaStudio 4 and 4 Pro - New Versions of the Popular Panorama Software
March 18, 2024

After an intensive development process, PanoramaStudio 4 and PanoramaStudio 4 Pro for Windows and Mac are now available at
With the most comprehensive update so far, the software has evolved into an all-around solution for the creation and presentation of panoramas of all kinds.
The new standard version has received most of the functions of the previous Pro version. The new Pro version, on the other hand, now offers full HDR support and other exclusive features. Both versions have undergone significant performance improvements and are packed with numerous new functions.

The new HDR functionality enables HDR panoramas to be created from exposure brackets or HDR input images using true HDR/Tonemapping or Exposure Fusion. HDR image formats such as OpenEXR, HDR and 32bit TIFFs have been added for import and export. In order to achieve the best possible image quality at all times, all conventional image material is now also processed in a HDR color space.

Another new feature are the non-destructive image processing filters. These do not change the underlying panorama and can be adjusted all the way to the output. With the new filters, image processing is possible directly in PanoramaStudio, making external post-processing obsolete. A range of filters in several categories are available to refine and improve the appearance of the panoramas.

All work steps are displayed with the new real-time preview. This provides three preview modes - optionally in a 2D or 3D view.
There have also been a lot of changes in terms of performance. The new renderer runs around two to three times faster than before. An even greater increase in performance is often noticeable for large gigapixel panoramas. Also, the adaptive blending, which determines seamless transitions between input images even if the scene contains motion, delivers better results and has become significantly faster at the same time.

The new versions are completed by an optimized image export, which allows individual configuration of color depth and color space when the image is saved, as well as an improved RAW import. Numerous new models have also been added to the camera database. The version for macOS now runs natively on Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3) and Intel-based Macs.

A license for PanoramaStudio costs from 59 USD or 59 EUR. Existing customers can switch to PanoramaStudio 4 or PanoramaStudio 4 Pro at reduced update prices. If the license was purchased within the last 12 months, the update is free of charge.

Further information on all new features, fully functional trial versions as well as purchase and update options can be found on:

About PanoramaStudio:
PanoramaStudio is an all-around solution for the creation of panoramic images, interactive panoramas and virtual tours.

Where otherwise several tools would be necessary, PanoramaStudio offers the complete workflow from creating and editing to presenting panoramas.
It merges any arrangement of overlapping individual images into seamless panoramas, whether 2 or 2000 images.
The images for this can be taken with practically any conventional camera, ranging from smartphones and drones to high-end DSLRs, and in the Pro version also with fish-eye lenses. Existing panoramic images can also be imported and further processed.
With its extensive editing and post-processing options, the software offers the user full control from the individual image to the finished output.
The panoramas created can then be exported not only as high-resolution images, but also as interactive 3D panoramas or linked to virtual tours, ready for local presentation or for integration into websites.

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